Keyboard Problem?

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Keyboard Problem?

Post by garryggreen »

After PXE booting WTWARE V5.4.68, I get the blue screen offering to

Another server

Since I use a different port, I press the down arrow to hilite Another server, and I get a box and I type in:


But instead it displays rd* - every time I press the letter p I get an *.

Sometimes I can get by this, to the prompt that shows my userid on the target system, but when I type in my password (which I can't see), it tells me my password is invalid (I've checked Caps Lock).

This seems to be a keyboard problem with incorrect codes sometimes being entered.

Can anyone suggest what might be the problem/what I might try?
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Re: Keyboard Problem?

Post by aka »

1. Send me to terminal log (
2. And photo of this screen.
For we failed to understand what you mean :(
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