font sizes in 2008 RDP

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font sizes in 2008 RDP

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By default, Windows Server 2008, used in terminal server \ Citrix environment, does not allow standard users to change their font sizes. There is an option available to change font sizes, but it is locked for administrators only. This is a Windows Server 2008 feature. If you try to use standard Windows option to change font sizes, you will be prompted to provide an administrator login name and password. Unfortunately, with Windows Server 2008 the font size-changing feature is a system-wide administrative feature, not an individual user feature as it was in Windows Server 2003 – impacting terminal server \ Citrix environments.

To compensate this loss of functionality for users has been produced a tool to allow users change font sizes! – called ‘RDFontSize’.
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Important: You need to logoff and log on again for your new font sizes to completely take effect.
There are some limitations with the tool:
It doesn’t change applications – only Windows fonts
It doesn’t change ‘Favorites’ & ‘Recent Items’ with Vista theme (fine with Classic)
If you switch from Vista to Classic or vise versa, the font settings will reset.

Another solution:
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