issues accessing RemoteApp's via "shell" parameter

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issues accessing RemoteApp's via "shell" parameter

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tested everything prior to posting natively, so i know things work through the native windows methods.

the issue is when trying to launch published RemoteApps using the parameter:

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i am able to connect to the TS session fine, without the "shell" parameter and i can access the published remoteapp's via the new "server=rdweb;ts.plu......" method.

i have 4 remoteapps published, all work when being launched using RDP file. I've tried to launch all of then using the shell parameter, but unfortunately i consistently get the error
the system cannot find the file specified. this initial program cannot be started
Wtware version 6.2.20
Server OS 2019

what am i doing wrong?


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Re: issues accessing RemoteApp's via "shell" parameter

Post by akatik »

Remote app works with "server=rdweb.." but does not work if you set remote app name in "shell="?

Show me both logs (first with working remote app and second with not working) to
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