WTWare Configurator for SD Cards

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WTWare Configurator for SD Cards

Post by RayHerring »

I was wondering if it was possible to add the ability to pre-set all the configuration options for the SD Card when writing the SD Card?

Basically when I open up 'Configurator' and click on 'SD Card', I select the options to boot from SD Card and store the config on the SD card, then I go to 'additional parameters' and set the screen-res and change it from 32bit to 16bit, however I would also like the ability to set the server(s) that the Pi will RDP into as well as the hostname of the Pi.

Currently after configuring the display information I have to put the SD card into the pi, boot it up and then go into the config editor to add those additional params.

Would also like the ability to create a template for the SD card (or at least set the 'Policy All' template) and then just tell the SD card writer to apply that template as the config.txt.

I have a lot of these to do eventually, and would like it as streamlined as possible.
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Re: WTWare Configurator for SD Cards

Post by marcostelecom »

When put the SD card in PC to write with configurator, you can edit the config.txt, in root dir, with an windows txt file editor (notepad, wordpad).

Another solution: I use DHCP / TFTP boot. The config.txt is the same for all RPI. The DHCP/TFTP may be an RPI with raspian.
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Re: WTWare Configurator for SD Cards

Post by akatik »

We are adding into SD wizard the same step as in USB wizard - for storing individual config.wtc for your terminal (or default SD config) to SD card. Is it what you're asking for?
config.txt is not terminal configuration file, it's file with additional settings for Pi.
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