Create New Terminal Configuration...

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Create New Terminal Configuration...

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Hi ,

I changed all the components on my Terminal Client - Motherboard, processor, CD ROM ...everything. Its a new client now.
Boot Method on Client - Boot from CDROM

After this change , the Terminal Client boots up correctly using the same CD which I was using with Old hardware..

Problem is - It gets stuck on the attached screen and I am not getting below options at bottom:
F1-Help F4-Edit Settings F10-Create Configuration

I deleted the xx.xx.xx.. .wtc and xx.xx.xx.... .graphic file from this location on Terminal server: C:\Program Files\WTware\TFTPDROOT\PRO\4.1.32\configs\
So there are just 2 files now - and

As per my understanding, I should get the new Configuration wizard when I boot Terminal Client, however it's getting stuck and not giving any option to create new Configuration. Also other files should get created automatically in C:\Program Files\WTware\TFTPDROOT\PRO\4.1.32\configs\ which is not getting created.

Please help!!!

wtwizard_screen.GIF (7.58 KiB) Viewed 10969 times
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Re: Create New Terminal Configuration...

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It looks like wtware error. Sorry, I cannot fix any errors in 4.1.33. Please, try fresh version, 4.4.21 (or 4.5.36 you run it on new hardware).
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