WiFi to Ethernet Bridge

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WiFi to Ethernet Bridge

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We have a raspberry Pi4 that uses this for our chrome timeclock kiosk. Is there a way to have the WiFi connection shared or bridged to the Ethernet port (to provide internet to our Yealink sip phone)?

We previously had a windows computer that was capable of doing this and worked fine until it quit, then we switched to the raspberry pi instead.
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Re: WiFi to Ethernet Bridge

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No, we can not.

It's impossible to bridge encrypted WiFi to someone and at the same time use the same WiFi on bridged host. Hardware WiFi bridge - real bridge - does not use WiFi by itself, only redirects.

I know two workarounds.

1. Routing. It can be done, but YOU should understand what you're doing. Additional configuration needed on router.

2. NAT. It can not be done in WTware because it requires to add several megabytes of kernel code to everyone. For rare task on thin client. But you can do it with Raspberry OS or any other general linux distributive.
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