GPU utilization

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GPU utilization

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I am in a situation where playing videos (full HD) in VLC media player, uses too much resources, mostly CPU (on my server). I was wondering if installing a dedicated GPU on the terminal computer (for example Nvidia Quadro M2000 or Quadro K2200), would the resource usage for the video player be shared between the server's CPU and the local machine GPU?

Does anyone have any idea if it works? Or how to configure it that way?

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Re: GPU utilization

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Yes. In some cases. I know at least two problems:

1. Terminal server should run on bare hardware. As far as I know GPU is not used in Hyper-V virtual machines.

2. RDP should use h264: viewtopic.php?t=57528
By default, Microsoft-developed encoding used in RDP. It's more simple than h264 but I don't think it is accelerated on GPU.

PS: I always repeat my opinion: remote desktop is not for video. There is no way to make video on remote desktop as good as on local playback by any price.

1. Cheap file server.
2. Cheap TV box that able to read video file from file server over network.

Result: better video quality than over RDP (no addition decoding-lossy encoding step), smooth playback, better fps, less network load, no CPU/GPU load on server and so on.
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