Improvements and fixes for RPi product

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Improvements and fixes for RPi product

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Testing your awesome product (free version for PI) and I must admit, it's quite a promising product!
It' s almost usable as it is, but there are some things which would make it far more better than it's now.
If you can ably these "improvements" on your product, I would say that it will be quite a thin client killer. (I would even pay for usage)

1. A possibility to disable or suppress and time the "Press DEL to Enter Setup" screen.
Suppress it totally or even specify the display timer on seconds for this screen to display. (0 = suppress)

2. A possibility to edit the text on box with white borders displaying "client has no own configuration file available and is used instead"
Would be nice to be able to specify your own information text of displaying information about the client (ip-address, mac-address, service desk number and so on.) So that if client has no own configuration file available on TFTP server, the user would know to contact the administrator to configure the client. (central management)

3. A possibility to do same kind of text editing and modifying on blue connection selection screen, with own background picture and dynamic information about the client (client IP-address, client name and so on)

4. Connection broker doesn't work on RDP -sessions where network connection has been cut off for a while -> A connection through connection broker after network connection is resumed is displaying the logon screen of terminal server, instead of doing auto logon.
(kind of works, if cancel is pressed on terminal server logon screen)
This is very important feature for "us". (I work on big company with lots of thin client terminals)

5. A possibility to specify a timer for taking a new connection after existing connection has been logged of from terminal server.
Now new connection is made immediately after existing connection is logged off from terminal server.
(This might pose a problem with roaming profiles not being copied to profile server before new connection is made as connection is now made immediately.)

Any changes to get these on your already awesome product?

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Re: Improvements and fixes for RPi product

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1. There is magic keyword that completely disables setup by Del key. Add 'no_setup' into cmdline.txt on SD:

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console=ttyAMA0,115200 console=tty1 quiet no_setup wtboot=mmc
3. Client IP, MAC and name are printed in popup window. Move mouse to right bottom corner.

4. I need more details. Also, take a log:
And look at and


Re: Improvements and fixes for RPi product

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Thank you for your quick reply.

1. This one didn't work on TFTP boot, where line is: (no mmc option enabled)
console=ttyAMA0,115200 console=tty1 quiet
And what I did was:
console=ttyAMA0,115200 console=tty1 quiet no_setup

After the change, boot halts on after kernel startup on black screen with cursor blinking on left top corner.

3. This is nice feature (infobox).
But it's hard to educate hundreds of thin client users to use mouse and move it to left bottom corner for information about client.
Would be more nicer, if the information would be available directly on screen without moving mouse or pressing anything on keyboard?
popup.png would work if there is no size limit and it could be shown always without user interaction (maybe option?)

More preferable would still be possibility to dynamically add text on this blue connection selection screen, so that it would be possible to but different text on it if client has own configuration available OR if it is using -file instead (no configuration on mac -address).
This way it would be possible to inform user if RPi -client doesn't have legit configuration available and administrator needs to configure it's MAC -address based configuration.

4. I will get back to you with this CB thing, with logs.

5. You didn't comment anything to here, is this possible? (re-connection timer)

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