Release Notes & Upgrade Procedures

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Release Notes & Upgrade Procedures

Post by J1mbo »

Please can you post release notes, and also any notes pertinent to upgrading existing installations.

For example when upgrading server wtware centre, are there any circumstances that this might cause active clients to be rebooted? I realise that, if using external DHCP server, the options will need to be amended to pick up the revised version of course.

Many thanks indeed.

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Re: Release Notes & Upgrade Procedures

Post by aka »

You can install new version without any problems with working stations. After installation you will see no changes in terminals work. To make terminals boot with new version you are to tell them in wtcenter, you are to change DHCP and TFTP settings to boot with new version. Terminals in network may even boot with different versions.
As for release notes, we'll try to do this one time.

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