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5.4.88 - Only the Paranoid Survive

Posted: Mon Apr 17, 2017 7:22 pm
by akatik
Locally installed WTware now has in Setup menu there's section "Only the Paranoid Survive". There you can turn on advanced safety mode. It means that terminal won't send logs to configurator, embedded web-server will work only by https and only after entering password. It makes terminal configuration more complicated, but then all specified in configuration file passwords are not shown to the whole network.

Some day later we'll add next paranoia step: configs will be encoded.

Even when paranoia is turned off if password for terminal is specified (in Setup menu or in 018 DHCP parameter), then buttons shudown, reboot and linphone command line in web-interface will ask password.

Password is specified now via HTTP Basic access authentication. To reboot terminal with 123 password via wget, specify:

wget --user=wtware --password=123 --no-check-certificate