Full USB Redirection to RDP Session

Windows Server 2012R2 is now able to redirect USB to terminal services, not only to virtual machines
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Full USB Redirection to RDP Session

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I have the problem "How to access remote USB devices over rdesktop".

I have a remote machine with Windows 10 and a USB device plugged in there. When I go there physically, log into it, I can see the USB device. When I log into that machine remotely with RDP, the device is not visible/accessible. Like it was not there at all.

How can I access remote USB device of that remote machine, when logged in with RDP?

To be clear (because it's a common mistake around the internet) - I'm not trying to redirect local USB device over RDP. The device is plugged into the target, remote machine and I cannot see it when I connect to it over RDP (and only then).

https://www.usb-over-ethernet.org/user- ... sb-device/
(other suppliers are available but a quick google threw these up, but it's not free)
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Re: Full USB Redirection to RDP Session

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There is no general solution for "USB device". Possibly, there is no way to change default behavior for RDP connections.

USB flash stick is visible without any tricks.

USB printer is visible for users that have right to print.

USB smartcards are not visible and I know no methods to make it visible when connecting with RDP.

Workaround: install third-party VNC server and connect over VNC. You'll see every device connected to remote machine.
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