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CanoScan Scanner RDP redirection

Posted: Sun May 19, 2019 2:46 am
by jktz90

I'm currently trying to redirect my Canon Scanner via usb redirection to my Windows Server 2016. I already tested SaneTwain. It works, but I can't use the scanner with my program (it requires a local scanner) so I'm forced to use USB redirection.

I tried redirecting my scanner using usb = xxx. Windows Server 2016 lists the scanner under 'My devivces' and installs drivers (takes some time). Every single time I restart my WTware the same process happens: TS sees a new device and installs a new driver.
Even tho the scanner (with correct model number) is listed and marked as 'operational' I'm not able to scan.

I attached a log.

Re: CanoScan Scanner RDP redirection

Posted: Mon May 20, 2019 6:20 am
by akatik
Change power adapter. There are several "Under-voltage detected!" in log.

Is this scanner redirected with USB redirection in mstsc.exe?

Also, try VirtualHere USB redirection: viewforum.php?f=27