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USB-sound redirection (cameras, garniture, USB speakers)

Posted: Sat Oct 29, 2016 2:46 pm
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* To use USB audio redirection, which allows headset controls and call buttons to work in a remote session, you must set the remote audio playback option to Play on remote computer and select the check boxes in the Local devices and resources box to redirect the device by using USB. If you are using an RD Web Access server, you must specify the class GUIDs for these devices.

* If you are using a webcam, you cannot use the webcam microphone with local speakers that are not connected by using USB. USB audio redirection and high-level audio redirection are mutually exclusive at this time. You must use a separate microphone that is redirected by using high-level audio redirection or use USB speakers that are connected to your local computer.

* If you have multiple audio devices, you can only redirect one high-level audio playback device and one high-level audio recording device at a time. However, you can redirect multiple USB audio devices at the same time. USB audio redirection and high-level audio redirection are mutually exclusive. If you choose to use high-level audio redirection, you cannot use USB audio.
In WTware configuration file specify:

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sound = remote