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Works starting from 5.4.16. How to turn on in WTware

Posted: Sat Oct 29, 2016 2:28 pm
by aka
Starting from 2012R2 server arbitrary USB device may be redirected via RDP. Realisation of arbitrary USB device redirection is very compex. For devicesm that may be redirected using other ways, i.e.:
* printers,
* scanners,
* bar-code scanners,
* USB disk,
* sound headsets
it's better NOT to to use USB redirection, but use proper redirection ways.

If you want to redirect some device in WTware, first always check if it can be redirected using mstsc.exe from Windows! About redirection in Windows read here:

Once again, now in black, for not everyone notices red letters. Before redirection of USB device in WTware, always check it's redirection in Windows using mstsc.exe! Seriously. mstsc.exe brings many new discoveries. About redirection in Windows read here:

WTware redirects devices by USB ID. To determine device USB ID:

1. Boot WTware and see "Windows login" screen.
2. Connect USB device.
3. In web-browser enter terminal IP. In every WTware terminal there's embedded web-server.
4. Open USB Bus section. There will be the list of all connected devices USB IDs.

In WTware configuration file specify:

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usb = 1234:AB67
USB IDs should be divided by commas, if you need to specify more than one device:

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usb = 1234:AB67, 3456:78CD
Second way: specify USB port address. Physical port, computer or hub connector. WTware will try to redirect any device, connected to this port.

See terminal web-interface, USB Bus section, there will be specified Bus Id of each connected device. It will be marked by orange. Disconnect one device, connect to the same USB port another deivce and refresh page with list in browser - new device will appear with the same Bus Id. In configuration file specify:

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usb = 1-2
If device is connected to USB hub (either external hub or soldered on motherboard hub), address will be a little longer, for example:

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usb = 2-3.1
Third way: specify device type. Now wtware understands only one type:

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usb = mass_storage
With this line WTware will try to redirect USB flash or USB disk.

Avoid conflicts, if you're using several connections! Eaqch device should be redirected only once. If you redirect it several times - it won't work at all. Generally, do not write excess lines in configuration file, it make understanding difficult for you and for techsupport.