Mobile phone redirection/passthrough

Windows Server 2012R2 is now able to redirect USB to terminal services, not only to virtual machines
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Mobile phone redirection/passthrough

Post by CraigToddTecnica » Wed Oct 02, 2019 12:28 pm


Is it possible for Raspberry Pi usig WTware to allow mobile phone (Apple/Android) to be plugged in and passed through to Server 2012 R2/Server 2016?

If so, can somebody confirm how to do?

If not, can it be confirmed why not?

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Mobile phone redirection/passthrough

Post by akatik » Wed Oct 02, 2019 8:34 pm

Try this: viewforum.php?f=27

In general: USB bus is too complicated, and driver authors are too lazy to write drivers that can work with large timeouts. Timeouts in network are many times longer than usual timeouts in direct USB connection. So trivial devices with good drivers may work but complicated devices may not.

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