VNC Resolution Error

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VNC Resolution Error

Post by jtf4 »

When I try to open a VNC connection to my mac I get the following error:

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VNC server require to large resolution 4096x2304
This same error persists when I connect to a mac with a 1080 screen and a windows with a 1080 screen.

Is there any way to enable scaling for VNC connections?
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Re: VNC Resolution Error

Post by akatik »

Slowly download large images over network to downscale it on client side is not the best idea. No, we can not scale in VNC client. Perhaps, VNC server can scale?

I don't use mac, but I saw screenshots with wtware connecting to mac via RDP. In RDP, client asks for screen resolution, so problem with resolution does not happen. Also, RDP is faster. Perhaps, you can try RDP?

VNC with 1080 screen displays error because of "only for testing" banner that uses 64 pixels. Write "give me one license to test full screen VNC that does not work with banner" to and we'll grant a license to test it without banner.
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