Problems with OpenVPN version 2.5.1+

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Problems with OpenVPN version 2.5.1+

Post by Overmind »

Since we have updated our VPN gateway and only the new certificates support the OpenVPN version 2.5.1+, these newly created certificates apparently no longer work with WTWare.
Here the following error message appears in the bootsector (with new certificate for version 2.5.+):

File: initrfConfig.cpp
Line: 442

and in the all.log:
[initrd] [76.134497] +- Errorlevel: 1, output: | Options error: Unrecongnized option or missing or extra parameter(s) in /etc/client.conf:4: data-ciphers (2.4.7) | Use --help for more information.

With the old certificates on the new VPN gateway, the connection does not always work properly, either it is very slow or the error message: "Make sure that terminal service works on this server. Try to connect using mstsc.exe"

tested with 6.0.18-6.0.32-6.0.52/RPi
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Re: Problems with OpenVPN version 2.5.1+

Post by akatik »

WTware includes OpenVPN 2.4.7. As I understand, OpenVPN 2.4.7 has no "data-ciphers" option, it only appears in OpenVPN 2.5. Sorry, it's not possble to add OpenVPN 2.5 into WTware just now.
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