GFX Pipe Closed and Main Pipe Closed Errors

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GFX Pipe Closed and Main Pipe Closed Errors

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I have one users at a clients location that keeps saying they get:

“I’m tired” or

“Main Pipe Closed” or

“GFX Pipe Closed”

on their raspberry pi 4 terminal I checked out the logs and I do see these errors happening but they state that it's due to an internal error and to contact WTware support. to me it looks like the sound settings I had may have been the issue so I've removed those parameters to test. If anyone can take a look at the attached logs though I would really apricate it.
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Re: GFX Pipe Closed and Main Pipe Closed Errors

Post by akatik »

There are no errors in this log. I need log intermediately after the error appears to find error reason. Do not reboot: log in memory will be lost. You may start logging, and terminal will send log to configurator until you close configurator application or reboot terminal.
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