USB WiFi Dongle causes boot loop

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USB WiFi Dongle causes boot loop

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Good day!
I am having some problems with the WiFi in my RPi4, as it doesn't reach the router and causes errors while connecting to my remote workstation, causing a failure to connect.

I purchased this item on Amazon -
WiFi for Raspberry Pi - Antenna and Instructions Included - Plug and Play by Detroit DIY Electronics

Upon inserting the USB dongle prior to boot, at first I got an error message asking me to download a firmware update (I can't remember the site now, but it was something like, I went there and got the suggested zip file (I believe it was numbered 2780), and installed via USB drive.

Now when the dongle is inserted and I try to boot, it gets past the "Press DEL to Enter Setup" and then stays on "Please Wait..." and doesn't boot. If I remove the dongle and reboot, the boot completes.

What should I do to make the dongle work?
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Re: USB WiFi Dongle causes boot loop

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Press Del when it writes "Press DEL to Enter Setup" and try this quest:

When will it hung?
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