Main Pipe problem

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Main Pipe problem

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Hello aka,

since the last time we test the sound and microphone capability with Wtware > VPN > RDP Session (microphone= on, hw1:0 and sound=on, hw1:0), for a while it worked quite well with USB headset, but since yesterday we have the problem with "Main Pipe Error" which only appears when you are connected to the VM/PC, usually immediately after connecting and since a long time "I'm Tired", version 5. 9.81 and 6.0.6.

I send the Protokoll via Mail to you.

Greeting with new account ;-)
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Re: Main Pipe problem

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WTware is too nervous when playing sound on non existing device. You write into config:

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microphone=on, hw:1:0
sound=on, hw:1:0
But there is no hw:1 device. It crushes every time it plays sound.
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