Keyboard layout/language in config

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Keyboard layout/language in config

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First: great software! I already bought a license for testing purposes.

My question: can I define a different keyboard language in the config.txt of the Raspberry Pi 4B? I don't mean the language definded in the terminal configuration file.

The problem is, that the English keyboard layout in the login window leads to problems (we have the German keyboard layout) when entering usernames and passwords. Typical: Z <-> Y, umlauts (Ö, Ä & Ü), etc.

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Re: Keyboard layout/language in config

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1. config.txt is raspberry firmware config, mostly for display settings.

Language and keyboard is in WTware config. WTware config is configs/ (or on TFTP/HTTP server if downloaded by network).

2. Try to add to WTware config:

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