Unable to connect to TS GW, overloading hosts

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Unable to connect to TS GW, overloading hosts

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As the title states, I cannot set WTWare to connect directly to our terminal server gateway, so I have to point them to a terminal server directly and then at login it will get load balanced to a server in the pool.

A quick overview of the environment:
We have 1 gateway
15 host servers (gateway not included)

I try to set the Pi's to connect to different hosts in the network to start the connection. The problem is they are always attaching to the terminal, so its takes up processes and causes issues. Is there a way to either have the Pi connect to the gateway to initiate the login, or at least have WTWare not bind to a server until login credentials are entered and then passed through?

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Re: Unable to connect to TS GW, overloading hosts

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1. WTware can connect to Remote Desktop Connection Broker: http://wtware.com/docs5/config.html#loadbalanceinfo RDP Connection Broker balance server loads.

2. Add to config:

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ask_password = on
And terminal will ask login and password before it makes TCP connection to any server.

3. If you configure your DNS to have multiple server IP's for the same A DNS record (type "nslookup google.com" and you'll see multiple IPs for the same hostname) and put this DNS name in server= config file option, wtware will initiate connection with them all and work with the fastest one. This method will balance servers load.

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