Can this be done with WTWARE?

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Can this be done with WTWARE?

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Dear All,

I´m soon to face the following situation, and would like to know if WTWARE can help me:

I will be having 2 Windows computers on the first floor, where they will be used a majority of the time. However, I also need to access the computers from the ground floor via extra monitors.
The network will be shared btw using powerline adapter.
The 2 computers are not vmware or the like, just normal setups with Win 10 Pro on them.
Anyway, I was thinking of accesing the Win 10 computers on the ground floor with two raspberries (pi3b), one for each monitor, and obviously with extra keyboards and mice.
I already know about Teamviewer-ish setups, but there are some situations where teamviewer and other vnc solutions I´ve tried is not correctly showing what´s on the screen, and I wanted to try WTWare anyway, just to see if the feeling of using remote desktop will be gone.

But is this possible to do, and what is the easiest and smartest way to set it up with regards to generating a bootable sdcard for the raspberry from within wtware (there´s alot of stuff you can turn on and off there) ?
On a sidenote, I´m not sure if I´d want it to boot over network without an sdcard. Right now I only have the raspberry I use for kodi, where I will be testing the wtware setup on with a different sdcard than the one which is normally there. And, I do not want to fiddle with how the raspberry boots, worrying about if I can get it back to booting from sdcard ever again..

EDIT: Ok, so I found a guide on youtube, which showed me what to do. What I realized was that the latest build does not allow me to install ftware on x86, I had to get the older version used by the guy in the video.
From here on I faced two obstacles, I had to enable remote desktop in programs and features, as well as unticking allow only connections from computers that... etc.
Otherwise I couldn´t connect nor authenticate.
Things are running much better than on typical teamviewerish setups, youtube for instance is very smooth. Playing back a 9 GB mkv file was NOT a very pretty experience though. Maybe somebody´s got a way to make this work better?

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