Is WTware a solution for me ?

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Is WTware a solution for me ?

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I volunteer in a local youth center, and we are renovating for the moment.

We have a problem that whenever we place a pc or some hardware in the "club" itself it brakes in couples of moments due to the excited youth😉

So we came up with the idea to install a server in a separate room and work with thin clients to avoid having expensive machines in the crowd.

We would like to connect 3 thin clients to the server. 1 for the office area, 1 in the "club" and 1 for a television to show price lists.

Is this possible with wtware?
What kind of server do i need ?
Wich software should it run on the server ? Windows server ?
Is it possible to run multiple users at the same time ?
Can a user stil be active when you're logged out so for example the eq of the music that needs to run in the background.

Thx a lot !

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Re: Is WTware a solution for me ?

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Which application do you plan to run? Smart TV with web browser is stronger than any computer. Thin client will not run video games and can not display quality video, so it is not interesting for youth. WTware is Windows terminal, so it needs windows server (any x86 computer with windows server installed, if we talk about 1-2-3 thin clients) and runs windows applications. Music is better to play with music devices, not thin clients.

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