usb over ip?

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usb over ip?

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Currently we use Silex USB2IP devices to pass USb weight scales (using a serial to usb conversion cable) to connect our workstation weight scales to their windows virtual machines.

Does wtware over a Raspberry Pi give me the ability to connect this USB weight scale (again using the serial to usb cable) to the Raspberry Pi and pass the connection to our windows virtual machine for USB2IP like our Silex does?

I'd like to be able to remove the need for this extra box (Silex) if possible.

Thank you.

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Re: usb over ip?

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Windows 2012R2 Server can redirect several usb devices. Google RemoteFX USB redirection. Can you redirect your weight scale from windows machine to 2012R2 connecting with mstsc.exe? If yes, it should also work with wtware.

Another idea: possibly, weight scale is really serial, com device which uses usb-serial bridge. Does any kind of virtual COM port appear in Windows Device Manager when you connect device to Windows machine and install drivers?

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