VNC Config settings for Raspi2

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VNC Config settings for Raspi2

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Configuration is set up on the sd card itself other than the network settings assigned by DHCP. I don't have RDP licensing at home so looking for an alternative. I tried loading VNC server and editing the config on the pi as server=vnc:tsip and get the attached. I've also tried adding user = user:password to the config but get the same thing. I've tried authentication methods through both VNC and Windows.
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Re: VNC Config settings for Raspi2

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1. VNC is not an alternative. VNC will do for remote administrating, but not for everyday work.
2. Uncheck all authentication extensions. Authentication is very trivial in VNC standard. VNC Server vendors try to extend in their own non-standard ways, and these extensions are not compatible with other vendor's clients.
3. If nothing helps, show the screenshots of server configuration and log. To obtain log in web-browser print terminal IP in address line and save log.

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