All about WTware on Raspberry. WTware works with Raspberry Pi 4, Raspberry Pi 3B+, Pi 3 and Pi 2 devices
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Luiz Fernando Rocha


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The number of users in the world that have raspberry pi b + b and raspberry pi,
you could homolongar the WTware to run them, the WTware and a well-made and lightweight system, that's only a suggestion because I myself have 70 raspberry pi b + and 40 raspberry pi be only one raspberry pi 2, met this system and really enjoyed and already deployed in raspberry pi 2 pen, the other is not supported. :?:

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Re: Compatibility

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Sorry, I didn't understand youк question. Did you manage to run WTware on your Raspberry Pi 2? If you have any problems, please, contact our techsupport. Raspberry Pi (not Pi 2) won't work, it's mentioned on our site.

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