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How it works in WTware without terminal server
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Chrome profile

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All Chrome settings are stored in profile. Need to add plug-in, save user password or coockies? If you need to add any Chrome configuration that is not in WTware configuration file, you are to create your own profile and use it instead of default profile.

1. Start terminal, run Chrome. Perform necessary configuration. The less actions - the less waste things will be saved in profile, the smaller will be profile.


3. On another computer open in browser secret link
Specify instead of IP of the terminal, where you performed 1 and 2 items. Instead of /00/ - monitor number and virtual screen number, where Chrome was running. I.e. /00/ means first virtual screen on first monitor, also means that there's no other screens and monitors configured. /13/ - fourth virtual screen on second monitor.

4. In archive will be a lot of unnecessary things, which can be accurately removed. To profile from WTware distributive we added adblock plus plug-in and removed almost all unnecessary things as we suppose. It's size is less than 0.5MB.

5. Rename your to some and copy it to C:\ProgramData\WTware\Chrome directory.

6. In terminal configuration file specify:

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Repeat until the desired result. If this configuration is rather interesting - let us know, perhaps we'll add it to WTware configuration file parameters.
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