J3355 Mini PC - Testing Results

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J3355 Mini PC - Testing Results

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I recently ordered a no-name-brand Apollo Lake J3355 mini PC to test with WTWare and wanted to share my testing results:
  • Device can PXE boot
  • Device is UEFI only
  • Ethernet connects at full 1GBit speed
  • Chrome works correctly
  • Dual screen RDP works correctly
  • Dual screen video works using HDMI and HDMI2 outputs
  • Built in sound works using device 0:0 (this was a known issue on the older Z83 models)
  • Built in WiFi works (this was a known issue on the older Z83 models)
I tested using WTWare version 5.8.52

All in all it appears this device is fully compatible with WTWare. This device also has 4GB of RAM which gives Chrome enough legroom to hopefully operate without crashing (2GB RAM eventually fills up and crashes the browser page)

Here is a link to the device: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07PTSPSJL

Hope this helps!

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