x86 RDP Throwing Errors on Log

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x86 RDP Throwing Errors on Log

Post by tisensum »

Hi, i have terminals connect to a windows server 2019 through RDP on local network (same subnet), and wtware keeps throwing errors on logs.
The connections work, but clients sometimes gets disconnected when changing screen (we use this funcionality extensively), log of one station is attached.
I'm using WTWare 6.0.72 through pxe network boot.

edit: forgot to add that i tried the solution proposed on
viewtopic.php?p=77578&msclkid=a868109db ... 62fc1793d5
to no avail.
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Re: x86 RDP Throwing Errors on Log

Post by akatik »

What is "changing screen" ?

I see nothing wrong in this log. But this is a small part of log.

1. Close wtware configurator on computer that gets disconnected. Do not open wtware configurator on the computer we are debugging.
2. Reboot computer that gets disconnected.
3. On another computer, run wtware configurator. Choose MAC in list, "Logs" tab, "PRESS here to get log".
4. Do not reboot the computer we are debugging and do not close configurator until it gets disconnected.
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