RPi4: Network Boot Error

WTware network boot ways - bootable floppy, DOS, PXE-loaders, BootROM chips.
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RPi4: Network Boot Error

Post by Fietze »

I'am just trying to boot RPi4 via Network with TFTP.
I have installed pi4netboot-eeprom-nnn files and the wtware tftp server can be reached.

But there are many errors at the tftp server.

Logfile attached. Who can help me?
TFTP Server Log File
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Re: RPi4: Network Boot Error

Post by aka »

I have never seen such problem before. RPi4 aborts downloading with ERR. I don't know why. Try to reflash EEPROM.Try another RPi4. Use pi4default-eeprom-nnn or "Recovery" from official RPi site https://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/ to restore SD boot on this RPi4.
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